Monday, January 28, 2013

That's a wrap!

As an Interior Designer, people are always calling me to show me new ideas or introduce me to new stores. But this is really awesome...I went to look at these mirror wraps and fell in love!  I am soon doing a remodel of my bathrooms and eventually the kitchen and this just hits the right spot!  Mirrors are expensive and if you are just looking for a fresh look, and your mirror is in great shape, when this is for you.  I have sold several to builders to use in the new homes,  so I am hoping to get it into design centers.  You can either call the company or call me to give you the bid....I will  not mark it up, I promise!

Call me or go to their web sight and contact them...tell them that I sent you!


281 389-1218

It's a Wrap!

What is a Mirror Wrap?

Frame On MirrorA Mirror Wrap is a picture frame molding that fits directly to the surface of a pre-existing mirror already attached to a wall, transforming a plain mirror into an elegant focal point.
Mirror Wraps are easy to install! No construction... No mess!
Every Mirror Wrap frame is custom-made to apply directly to the face of your existing mirror for a perfect, framed mirror look.

The Benefits

Mirror Wraps are affordable and far less expensive than removing an old mirror and replacing it with a framed mirror.
With our diverse selection of exclusive decorative moldings, Mirror Wraps will complement your bathroom style as well as match your current hardware finishes.
Once an order is placed, turnaround is quick, and installation services are available.

Friday, January 18, 2013

January white sales

There are still January White Sales, with bedding and bath linens going on sale during the month, but it's not such an obsession any more with homeowners. We actually wish it were, as it was always a great tradition. It was nice to have an annual "trigger" or prompt to get us to change out something in our homes.

Fresh bedding and bath towels are a great way to add a necessary jolt to abedroom and bath - but today, let's get obsessed with bath towels! Here are some of our favorites, and perhaps this post will prod you into action this year. Replace some fading, fraying towels with fresh ones! Click on each photo for more product information.

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